Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World's Oldest Budweiser Can Found in Ichetucknee

My friend, Dave, took his lady to the Ichetucknee River while she was in town recently; while swimming, he came across this remarkably well-preserved specimen of a Budweiser pull-top can.  Used to be, you could float down the Ichetucknee with a cooler of ice-cold beers but the Park Service put the kaibosh on that activity.  Now, all we have are stark reminders of our former glory.  I present to you evidence of a bygone era of high Jortsitude.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Haha, another blog!

This is a placeholder for a blog that I'll probably get around to when I retire; probably about the same time I can actually start writing on my red-headed step-child blog, Saturday Morning Cartoons.  If you want to see from Gainesville activities, look at The Accidental Environmentalist and you can email me at tmgnordlie@gmail.com with any Hogtown tips and tricks!